Kaifi Azmi Biography, Education, Career, Spouse, Awards

1Full NameAthar Husain Rizvi (kaifi Azmi)
2Birth PlaceIndia
3Birth Year1919
5SpouseShaukat Kaifi
6KidsShabana Azmi, Baba Azmi
7AwardsSahitya Akademi Award (1975)

Kafi Azmi is a famous Shia Muslim from India. He is born on 14 January 1919 in MIjwan (Uttar Pradesh) India. His real name is Athar Hussain Rizvi. He is a poet. He is one of those poets who bring Urdu literature and poetry to India.

Kafi Azmi’s Early Life and Education

He is a famous poet of the 19th century. He is on the list of some poets who bring Urdu Literature back to India. He is Born on 14 January 1919 in Mijwan India. His family is full of poets and artists.

He started his education in his hometown. Kafi learned more from his own home. He abandoned his studies during World War 2. In 1943 he was invited to join the Communist Party of India he accepted their invitation and became part of it. After the separation of Pakistan And India, his family moved to Karachi Pakistan but he stayed in India due to some Issues.

More About Kafi Azmi [Career]

Kafi Azmi started writing and saying Ghazal at the at of just 11 years old. his father teaches him after he writes his first Ghazal all of his brothers are also poets. He was also a member of the Indian Progressive Writers’ Movement. He has written poetry and books poems and many Urdu rhymes.

Kafi Azmi Poetry

The following is the list of Kafi Azmi’s poetry rhymes and books.

  • Aakhir-e-Shab
  • Sarmaya
  • Awaara Sajde
  • Kaifiyaat
  • Nai Gulistan
  • Meri Awaaz Suno
  • Aurat
  • Makaan
  • Daaera
  • Sanp
  • Bahuroopni.

Kafi Azmi Awards

These are the Awards he got.

  • Sahitya Akademi Award: Awara Sajde
  • Sahitya Akademi Fellowship (Immortals of Literature)
  • National Film Award for Best Lyrics
  • National Film Award for Best Story: Garam Hawa (with Ismat Chughtai)
  • Filmfare Award for Best Dialogue: Garam Hawa
  • Filmfare Award for Best Screenplay

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