Rais Amrohvi Biography, Books, Education, Awards, Family

1Full NameSyed Muhammad Mehdi
2Famous NameRais Amrohvi (رئیس امروہوی)
3Birth PlaceAmroha
4Birth Year1914
5ProfessionPoet, journalist, parapsychologist
7AwardsPride of Performance

Syed Muhammad Mehdi, Rais Amrohvi, is a famous Qitanigar, poet, journalist, and parapsychologist. Jaun Elia is his younger brother. He is born in Amroha British India. He belongs to a poet’s family. He is a famous Urdu poet.

Rais Amrohvi Education

He started his education career in Amroha British India. He started his primary and secondary education in a school near his house. He completed his intermediate and other educations education in Amroha. He belongs to a poet family so he learned more from his family.

More About Rais Amrohvi

Rais is a famous poet due to his Qitanigari he was also a scholar, Urdu poet, paranormal investigator, and psychoanalyst. He wrote for many newspapers in Pakistan for more than 3 decades. He always tried his best to spread the Urdu language. He wrote for Jang newspapers and many other news and other Urdu-related magazines.

He established his institution so he could spread the Urdu language he taught his students how to write in Urdu how to write novels and many other things. We can also call him the savior of the Urdu language.

He has written many books he also writes books about health physical science Yoga and many other topics too.

Rais Amrohvi Writings

The following is the list of Rais Amrohvi’s books and poetry.

  • Alif
  • Masnavi Lala-e-Sehra
  • Pase Ghubar
  • Qattat – I
  • Qattat – II
  • Hikayaat
  • Ba-Hazrat-e-Yazdaan
  • Malboos-e-Bahar
  • Aasaar
  • Kulliyat
  • Naseemus Sahar
  • Zameer e Khama
  • Achche Mirza
  • Ana minal Husain
  • Almiye e mashraqi Pakistan
  • “Jinnaat”
  • “Aalam-e-Arwah”
  • “Tawajjuhaat”
  • Hypnotism
  • Hazraat-e-Arwah
  • Aalam-e-Barzagh
  • Jinseyaat
  • Le Sans Bhi Ahista
  • Ajaib-e-Nafs
  • Muraqabah
  • Ma’badun-Nafsiyaat

Rais Amrohvi Awards

Due to his lots of work for Pakistan’s national Language the Government of Pakistan awarded him the Pride of Performance award.

Rais Amrohvi Death

He died on 22 September 1988 at the age of 74. died in Karachi city.