Jaun Elia Biography, Books, Spouse, Education, Awards, Kids

1Full Name Syed Sibt-e-Ashgar Naqvi
2Pen NameJaun Elia
3Birth Year 14 December 1931
4Birth PlaceAmroha, British India
5Books Yaani, Goya, Gumaan etc
6AwardsPride of Performance by Government of Pakistan

Jaun Elia is born on 14 December 1931. His real name is Syed Sibt-e-Asghar Naqvi. He is born in Amroha Uttar Pradesh British India. He is a poet, Scholar, and Astrologist. His father’s name is Shafiq Elia he is a poet, Scholar, and Astrologist. He has 3 kids 2 daughters and 1 son. He was a very emotional person.

Jaun Elia Education

Jaun Elia started his education in Amroha his father Shafiq Elia is his first teacher. Elia also studied in Syed-ul-madaris which is located in Amroha. He has a lot of knowledge about many topics like the Battle of Karbala and many other historic events that happened in the past. He is known in Urdu, English, Urdu, Hindi, and Sanskrit.

Jaun Elia Poetry

Jaun Elia is the best poet of the 19th Century. He has written many so much poetry but published only one book by himself. Other books are compiled and published by his friend Khalid Ahmed Ansari.

He started saying poetry at the age of 8 but he properly did it at the age of 22. He attends many poetic events. After he moved to Karachi he became famous in Karachi for his poetry. People invite him to poetic events as a Guest. He posted his first book in 1991.

Juan Elia’s poetry is about real-life events that happened to him. he didn’t write about any imagination like other poets write. He was so heartbroken.

He is now famous almost everywhere he has represented Pakistan in many Poetic events. He was the cultural ambassador of Pakistan he represented Pakistan in many places.

Jaun Elia’s Personal Life

Jaun Elia is an emotional, innocent, and sad person also he is a good person who helps people. He was married to Zahida Hina in the year 1970. They had 3 kids 2 daughters and 1 son. He and Zahida Hina separated in 1992.

Jaun Elia Books

Jaun Elia has written many poetry but he never wanted to publish it. He only published only one book when he was alive. It was published in 1991 other books were compiled and published by his friend Khalid Ahmed Ansari. The following are the books of his poetry.

  • Yaani
  • Gumaan
  • Goya
  • Lekin
  • Sukhan Meri Udasee Hai
  • Zakham-e-Umeed
  • Mubada
  • Tumharey Aur Mere Darmiyan
  • Daricha Haye Kheyal
  • Qitaat
  • Jaun Elia Ki Tamam Ghazlain (parts I-III)
  • Inshaye aur Mazaameen
  • Farnood
  • Is Rang Ke Tufaan
  • Shayad
  • firaaq

Jaun Elia Awards

In the year 2002, the government of Pakistan awarded him the presidential award for pride in performance

Jaun Elia Death

Jaun Elia died on 8 November 2002 in Karachi. He died due to Tuberculosis (TB).