Badawi al-Jabal Biography, Education, Career, Awards

1Full NameMuhammad Sulayman al-Ahmad
2Pen NameBadawi al-Jabal
3Birth PlaceDifa, Syria
4Birth Year1903

Muhammad Sulayman al-Ahmad is a famous poet from Syria. He was born and raised in Difa Village Syria. He is born in the year 1903. He has written many poems. He was also in politics.

Badawi al-Jabal Education and Early Life

Badawi al-Jabal was born and raised in Difa Syria. He is born in the year 1903. His father’s name is Sheikh Sulayman al-Ahmad who taught him Quran and other Islamic education during childhood.

He started his education in Syria. He started his education career in Difa City. He went to a school near his house and completed his primary and secondary education there. He studied at the University of Damascus where he completed his law degree.

More About Badawi al-Jabal

Badawi al-Jabal is one of the good poets of Syria. He moved to Baghdad city and started teaching at Baghdad High School where he was the teacher of Arabic Literature.

Badawi al-Jabal Death

Badawi al-Jabal died on 19 August 1981 at the age of 78. He died in Syria.

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