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Katri Bawa is a well-known name in the world of lamentation. This is a family that has been associated with the field of lamentation since before the establishment of Pakistan, which continues to this day. Living in the Choona Mandi area of ​​Lahore, the family is considered to be the head and teacher of music۔

The Noha composition of Ustad Akbar Khan known as Katri Bawa has been recited not only in Pakistan but also in other countries in the world. Noha Parties in India, the UK, Canada, and Iran recite Noha composed by Ustad Akbar Khan.

In an interview, Ustad Akbar Khan Katri Bawa said that he is sent not only from Pakistan but also from abroad to compose lamentations.

According to him, more than two thousand Noha Kalam’s are composed every year.

Katri Bawa All Time Famous Noha List

  • Rukda NahI Akhiyan Chon
  • Dam Tor Gaya Akbar (as)
  • Ya Hazrat Abbas Alamdar Madad Kar
  • Mazloom Karbala Ki Azadar
  • Parho La Ilaha Illallah
  • Rab Khair Karay
  • Mera Ammer Veeran
  • Sajjad Di Zindagi
  • Ro We Ga Yad Karke
  • Ya Rab Meray Dardan
  • Lasha Jab Sibte Payambar Ka
  • Haye Sajjad (as) Rat Na Ro

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