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1Full NameMohammad Tawhidi
2Birth PlaceQom City
3Birth Year1983
5BooksThe Tragedy of Islam, Admissions of a Muslim Imam

Mohammad Tawhidi is a famous Shia Scholar, Educator, and Speaker from Australia. He was born and raised in Qom City. He is currently living in Adelaide City Australia. He was born in 1983. He is known in English, Arabic, and Persian.

Mohammad Tawhidi Education and Early Life

He started his Education in Perth Western Australia. He completed his primary and secondary education from there. He completed his college education from there as well.

He memorized Half of the Holy Quran at the age of just years old. He likes to study Islam and he studied about Islam he went to Qom Seminary in January 2007 and studied there. He also attended Grand Ayatollah Sayid Sadiq Shirazi lessons in 2012. He studied at both Qom and Karbala Seminary.

More About Mohammad Tawhidi

He is a famous Shia scholar. After completing his Islamic education in Qom and Karbala he came back to Australia in 2015. After he came back to Australia he delivered speeches in many universities, Mosques, parliament, and many other institutions in many different cities of Australia.

He has also visited many countries to deliver his lectures. He visited the USA, Canada, the Middle East countries, European countries, and many Asian countries as well.

Mohammad Tawhidi Books and Lectures

He has written books and gave lessons on many topics. Here is the list of his books and lectures.

  • The Tragedy of Islam, Admissions of a Muslim Imam
  • Introduction Into the Fundamentals of Religion (2 Lessons)
  • Examining the Big Bang Theory
  • Discussing the Theory of Evolution
  • The Theory of the Oneness of Existence (2 Lessons)
  • The Concept of God’s Justice
  • Introductions in Prophet-hood
  • The Concept of Prophet-hood

He also gave a brief lesson on Imam Mehdi(AJTF). He gave lessons in the Holy month of Ramadan in Adelaide City South Australia.

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