Muhammad Shiraz Biography, Age, Youtube Subscriber, Networth

S.No Name Details 1 Full Name Muhammad Shiraz 2 Birth Year 2017 3 Birth Place Ghursay, Ghanche 4 Age 6 years 5 Nationality Pakistani 6 Hometown Ghursay, Ghanche Gilgit Baltistan 7 Muhammad Shiraz is a rising star from Ghursay, District Ghanche Gilgit Baltistan. He is a vlogger from there. He makes videos of his daily … Read more

Aziz Sancar Biography, Education, Awards, Spouse, Lifestyle

S.No Name Details 1 Full Name Aziz Sancar 2 Birth Place Savur, Mardin, Turkey 3 Birth Year 1946 4 Profession Biologist 5 Spouse Gwen Sancar 6 Nationality Turkey, United States 7 Awards Nobel Prize in Chemistry (2015) Aziz Sancar is a famous molecular biologist. He was born in Turkey but he is living in the … Read more

Antonio Inoki Biography, Career, Spouse, Nationality, Kids

S.No Name Details 1 Full Name Muhammad Hussain Inoki 2 Birth Place Yokohama, Empire of Japan 3 Birth Year 1943 4 Profession Professional Wrestler, Martial Artist 5 Nationality Japanese 6 Spouse(s) Mitsuko Baisho, Tazuko Tada 7 Kids 1 Muhammad Hussain Inoki well known as Antonio Inoki is a famous Professional Wrestler, Martial Artist, and Politician … Read more

Badawi al-Jabal Biography, Education, Career, Awards

S.No Name Details 1 Full Name Muhammad Sulayman al-Ahmad 2 Pen Name Badawi al-Jabal 3 Birth Place Difa, Syria 4 Birth Year 1903 5 Nationality Syrian 6 Profession Post 7 Awards Muhammad Sulayman al-Ahmad is a famous poet from Syria. He was born and raised in Difa Village Syria. He is born in the year … Read more

Agha Shahi Biography, Education, Career, Spouse, Kids [UPDATED 2024]

S.No Name Details 1 Full Name Agha Shahi 2 Birth Year 1920 3 Birth Place Bangalore, British India 4 Nationality British Indian. Pakistani 5 Profession Physicist, Mathematician, Teacher 6 Awards Nishan-e-Imtiaz 7 Death Year 2006 Agha Shahi is a famous Pakistani Statesman he is also a Pakistani Foreign Service Officer. He is born in the … Read more

Agha Shahid Ali Biography, Education, Books, Awards

S.No Name Details 1 Full Name Agha Shahid Ali 2 Birth Place New Delhi India 3 Birth Year 1949 4 Nationality Indian 5 Awards Pushcart Prize 6 Kids 7 Death 2001 Agha Shahid Ali is a famous poet from India. He was born on 4th February 1949. He is born in New Delhi. His family … Read more