Saadat Hassan Manto Biography, Education, Kids, Spouse, Awards

1Full NameSaadat Hasan Manto
2Birth PlaceLudhiana Punjab
3Birth Year1912
5SpouseSafia Begum

Saadat Hassan Manto is a famous Pakistani author. He is born in the year 1912. He is born in Ludhiana British India. He is well known for his short story writing. After the separation of Pakistan-India he moved to Pakistan. He is married to Safia Manto they have 3 kids.

Saadat Hassan Manto Education and Early Life

He is born on 11 May 1912 in Ludhiana City which is now located in India. He has written many short stories and books. He is raised in Ludhiana city. His famous writing is “partition of India”

He started his education in Ludhiana city he completed his primary and secondary education from there. His family belongs to Amritsar India. He studied at Muslim High School Amritsar.

More About Saadat Hassan Manto

He spend some years in Amritsar then he went to Lahore. He got job in a Newspaper Agency Lahore. He posted his collection for stories in 1936. In that year he moved to Bombay. He wrote scripts aswell. He moved to Delhi India in 1941 and joined a radio channel in India.

He has written many books and stories. He translated many stories from french and german to english language. He is the list of his writings and his radio works.

  • Rusi Afsanay (Russian Stories)
  • Atish Paray
  • Manto Ke Afsanay
  • Aao (Come)
  • Dhuan
  • Janaze (Funerals)
  • Teen Auraten (Three women)
  • Afsane Aur Dramay
  • Manto ke Drame
  • Chugad (Blind Fool)
  • Khol Do (Open It)
  • Lazzat-e-Sang
  • Siyah Hashiye
  • Badshahat Ka Khatimah
  • Khali Botlein
  • Loud Speaker
  • Ganjey Farishtey
  • Manto ke Mazameen
  • Nimrud Ki Khudai
  • Thanda Gosht (Cold Meat)
  • Yazid
  • Pardey Ke Peechhey
  • Sarak Ke Kinarey
  • Baghair Unwan Ke
  • Baghair Ijazit
  • Toba Tek Singh
  • Burquey
  • Phunduney
  • Sarkandon Ke Peechhey
  • Shaiytan
  • Shikari Auratein
  • Ratti, Masha

Saadat Hassan Manto Awards

Due to his good works he hasbeen awarded by “Nishan-e-Imtiaz” by the Governament of Pakistan.

Saadat Hassan Manto Death

He died on 18 January 1955 at the age of 55 years he died in Lahore Pakistan.