Syed Ali Raza Rizvi Biography, Education, Career, Kids, Majlis Details

1Full NameSyed Ali Raza Rizvi
2Birth Year 1976
3Birth PlaceLahore, Pakistan
4ProfessionReligious Speaker
6ResidenceBirmingham, UK
7Age48 Years

Syed Ali Raza Rizvi Is a famous Pakistani-British Scholar. He is a religious speaker who was born to a Shia Syed family in Lahore Pakistan.

Ali Raza Rizvi’s Early Life and Education

Ali Raza Rizvi was born on 5 May 1976. He is born in Lahore Pakistan. He is born to a Syed Family. Ali Raza spent some years of his childhood in Lahore. At the age of 12, his whole family moved to the United Kingdom. They started living in Birmingham city.

Ali Raza started his education in Lahore where he studied till class 4. At the age of 12, he moved to the United Kingdom with his whole family. There he continued his education. He completed his Primary and Secondary Education from there.

Ali Raza has been interested in Islamic Studies since his childhood. He always tried to learn about Islam Since his childhood. After completing his Secondary Education in Barminghum he started to study Islamic education. Later he moved to Qom City to study at Qom Seminary where he studied under the guidance of Ayatullah Taqi Bahjat.

More About Ali Raza Rizvi

Ali Raza Rizvi is currently living in Birmingham City. He has traveled to many countries to recite Majlis. He has also worked in many cities as an Islamic Scholar. He was the director of Markaz Ahlul Bayt. He was appointed as the chairman of Majlis-e-Ulema Shia Europe in the year 2013. He is currently the vice president of Majlis-e-Ulema Shia Europe. He gives lectures in mosques and he also uploads lectures on his official website.

Ali Raza Rizvi Books

The following is the list of books he has written and translated.

  • Kitab al-Tawhid by Shaykh Saduq
  • Islamic Laws
  • Introduction to Islam

Ali Raza Rizvi’s Social Media Handles

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