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1Full NameAli Hani Chamseddine
2Birth PlaceJoun City
3Birth Year1953
6AwardsHumboldt Research Award

Ali Chamseddine is a famous lebanese scientist, physicist. He is born in Joun city in the year 1953. He has did great researches in Physics.

Ali Chamseddine Education and Early Life

Ali Chamseddine is born on 20 February 1953. He is born and raised in joun city located in Lebanon. He is well known for his researches and contribution in particle physics, general relativity and mathematical physics.

He started his education career in Joun city where he went to a local school in his town and completed his primary and secondary education. He used to go to tuition center after school to study. He went to Lebanese in 1973 and completed his BSc Physics. Due to his academic states he recived scholarship from Lebanese University. He went to London to study at the Imperial college London and completed is diploma in Physics. He also completed his PhD from Imperial College in the year 1976. He did PhD in Theoretical Physics. He also studied under the guidance of Abdus Salam. He completed his post-doctoral studies.

More About Ali Chamseddine

Ali is for his researches and contribution in particle physics, general relativity and mathematical physics. He has worked on many projects and completed them successfully. He has published more than 196 articles here is the list of few of his publications.

  • Mimetic inflation and self-reproduction
  • Curvature tensor in discrete gravity
  • Noncommutativity and physics: a non-technical review
  • Supergravity with mimetic dark matter
  • Mimetic Inflation and Self-reproduction
  • Entropy and the spectral action
  • Scalar curvature in discrete gravity
  • Discrete gravity
  • Spectral action in matrix form
  • Noncommutative geometry and structure of space-time
  • Mimetic massive gravity: beyond linear approximation
  • Quanta of Space-Time and Axiomatization of Physics
  • Ghost-Free Mimetic Massive Gravity
  • Nonsingular Black Hole
  • Resolving Cosmological Singularities
  • Quanta of Geometry and Unification
  • On Unification of Gravity and Gauge Interactions
  • Inhomogeneous Dark Energy
  • Grand Unification in the Spectral Pati-Salam Model
  • Quanta of Geometry: Noncommutative Aspects
  • Geometry and the Quantum: Basics
  • Cosmology with Mimetic Matter
  • Beyond the Spectral Standard Model: Emergence of Pati-Salam Unification

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