Shahid Baltistani Biography Lifestyle, Career, Age, Nohay, Manqabat, Net Worth, Profession, Kids

1Full NameShahid Hussain
2Nick NameBaltistani, Darvesh
4ReligionShia Muslim
5ProfessionNoha, Manqabat Khuwan
6Date of BirthN/A
7Birth PlaceKarachi Pakistan
10BrothersZakir Hussain, Hamid Hussain
11Marital StatusMarries
14Mother TongueBalti
15Originally belongs toChildren

Shahid Baltistani is a well-known name in the field of Noha, Manqabat Khuwani in the Shia Muslim community. His full name is Shahid Hussain Baltistani. He is famous in Pakistan and across the border also, for his unique style of Noha Khuwani and Manqabat Khuwani.

Shahid Baltistani’s Early Life

Shahid Baltistani originally belonged to Skardu Baltistan. It shows by his name Baltistani. This name is used for people who belong to the Skardu Baltistan region.

His village name is Keris in Skardu Baltistan.

But he was born in Karachi and raised in Karachi from his childhood. His birthplace was AB Cinia Line Karachi Baltistani Muhalla.

How Shahid Baltistani Started Noha Khuwani?

“Based on an interview given by Shahid Baltistani”. Shahid Baltistani started Noha Khuwani at the age of 13, where he used to recite Noha with Sangat/Party named Anjuman (Dasta Ansar Akbaria Baltistania).

He added, that his mother used to recite Noha in his mother language which is the Balti Language. He always gets inspiration from his mother.

Shahid Baltistani Father

Shahid Baltistani’s father was a Cleric/Allama. Most of his family members were religious preachers and he was also raised in such an environment.

Shahid Baltistani First Officially Released Noha

Shahid Baltistani released his first studio recording Noha in the year 2001 which was Istigasa Hazrat Fatima Zahra sa (Ya Zehra sa), which is still a very famous Noha.

Shahid Baltistani’s Net Worth in 2023

Shahid Baltistani’s net worth is still unknown to the public. He nor any of his relatives were not revealed to the public.

Famous Noha List of Shahid Baltistani

  1. Naad E Ali as
  2. Abbas Abbas as
  3. Areeza E Darvash
  4. Wohi Khuda Hay
  5. Ali Un Wali Ullah
  6. Bhaiyya Agai Zainab sa
  7. Mera Ghareeb Hussain as
  8. Abbas as Ka Alam
  9. Laadli Zahra sa
  10. Aao Abbas as
  11. Allahu Shafi Bihaqqil Hussain as

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