Khawaja Ali Kazim Biography, Age, Education, Social Media Followers

1Full NameKhawaja Ali Kazim
2Screen NameKhawaja Ali Kazim
3ProfessionNoha/Manqabat Reciter
4Age13 Years
5EducationClass 6th
7HometownRgayoul Skardu

Khawaja Ali Kazim was Born and raised in Skardu Gilgit Baltistan. He is just 13 years old famous Noha and Manqabat khwan. He became famous all over the world at the age of only 12 Years.

Khawaja Ali Kazim Education

Khawaja Ali Kazim in born in Rgayoul Skardu Baltistan. He was born into a Shia family his brother Khawaja Nadeem is also a noha Khwan. At a young age, he started reciting Manqabat and Noha. He started his school life in Skardu. He studies at The Educators School Skardu. He studies in class 6th.

More About Khawaja Ali Kazim

He has a sensational voice. His teachers who taught him how to recite were Javed Mir, Abbas Nayyar, and Hamid HussainAli Kazim was invited by the people of Iran Tanzania, and many other countries he is now in Tanzania for Ayam-e-fatimiya Majlis the Balti community of Tanzania for Ayyam-e-fatimiya.

He loves to play cricket. He plays cricket in his free time. His Favourite food is Choumen and his favorite food from Gilgit Baltistan tradition is Marzan and Prapu.

His Dream is to travel to Iraq. He wanted to visit the holy shrine of Imam Hussain as. He has been invited by many national TV channels. He has been invited by the Pakistan Television Corporation to the Ramzan Transmission. He has also been invited to their channel by Hum News.

Khawaja Ali Kazim Super Hit Kalam

His famous kalams are Kya Yahi Wo Qafila Salaar e Zainab Tou Nahi, Tasbeehat Hazrat Fatima Zahra (as), and Sina Say Apni Sakina Ka Haal Dekho.

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